Mrs Caultri

  • Date: 14/11/2018
  • Job Type: Bath Resurfacing

Good Communication
Excellent Job

Anonymous customer

  • Date: 03/10/2018
  • Job Type: Bath Resurfacing

Andy turned up on time, did a thorough job with no fuss and no mess, and the bath looks great! Glossy and white and as good as new

Mrs M Skegman

  • Date: 14/02/2019
  • Job Type: Bath Resurfacing

Andy arrived on time, and was very pleasant and did a good good.

Julian Barnes

  • Date: 24/01/2019
  • Job Type: Bath Resurfacing

Efficient, friendly service. Would highly recommend.

Andrew Sampson

  • Date: 15/01/2019
  • Job Type: Bath Resurfacing

I am delighted with the quality of service. We received prompt and helpful responses to our initial queries. The quality of workmanshp was excellent, and saved us a huge amount of hassle and expense if we had opted to rip out and replace our bathtub.

Sharon - Yate, Gloucestershire

  • Date: 20/04/2015
  • Job Type: Bath Resurfacing

Very happy with the service, was able to go out and leave Andy in the house. Highly recommended.

May West - Bosherston, Pembroke

  • Date: 02/04/2015
  • Job Type: Bath Resurfacing

Excellent service, arrived on time! I have a really old bath, in need of tender loving care, which it got! A brilliant job, Andy. Thank you!

Wendy - Weston-super-Mare

  • Date: 30/04/2015
  • Job Type: Bath Resurfacing

Andy was punctual and efficient. The bath looks lovely and I’m really impressed with the workmanship. Good job well done!

Anonymous customer - Exeter

  • Date: 05/05/2015
  • Job Type: Bath Resurfacing

Well introduced, explained and sold. Workmanship bang-on-time. Friendly service, left clean. Superb.

Happy customer - Axminster

  • Date: 06/05/2015
  • Job Type: Bath Resurfacing

Perfect job! - Fabulous transformation, completed quickly and tidily. Impressed - Thank you :)

Barry - St. Austell

  • Date: 24/04/2015
  • Job Type: Bath Resurfacing

Prompt and efficient service. Excellent quality and personable delivery.

Kathryn Roberts

  • Job Type: Bath Resurfacing

The work was done to the highest professional standard. I am absolutely delighted with the result. My 50-yr old bath has been transformed into what everyone thinks is a brand new one! Thank you very much!

Peter Bird

  • Job Type: Bath Resurfacing

The bath in our old cottage was in a shocking state. I did an internet search and came across a couple of local companies. I chose MendaBath because the technicians sounded very confident and re assuring on the phone. I must say I’m glad I did the bath looks as good as new. The work took about 4 hours and we used it for the first time the following evening. It was so nice to bath is a clean smooth shiny bath. The work was completed about 8 months ago and it still looks like new.

Beth White

  • Job Type: Bath Resurfacing

Hi Andy,

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the lovely job you did on my bath. I could not stand that avocado colour and now its brilliant white thanks to you. The quality of your works was great and your service second to none. I will most certainly recommend your work.


  • Job Type: Bath Resurfacing

Hi Andy
I just wanted to say thank you so much for the perfect Job you did on my bath in Calais France. The quality of your works was perfect and your service second to none. I am really appreciate what you have done. Thanks a Lot.